Trying Out Stand-Up Comedy

Fascinated how buying one product, but not another, can make us think or feel a certain way. I’ve guided and created content for brands such as Pfizer, CADMEN Barbershop, Coca-Cola, Diva Q, and InterContinental Hotels Group. I have also collaborated with award-winning ad agencies, infusing digital strategy within their planning and creation.

My iPod, still have one, is always updated with new music. Have yet to go skydiving, though performed stand up comedy, and I imagine them being similar experiences.

I create content and data-driven marketing strategies that have generated a combined $7+ million in sales for clients, and have been nominated for best in digital. Have decreased cost per acquisition 55%, and increased conversions 118%. Designed and created websites, producing copy, photos and videos, with SEO and SEM integration, increasing website visits and sales 127%.