Brad_How to Create a Memorable Influencer Marketing Campaign

How to Create a Memorable Influencer Marketing Campaign


Influencer Marketing – Aside from being a popular buzzword and marketing tactic, when implemented well, it’s an entertaining, and valued perspective.  

It’s offered in micro format. Micro-Influencers have between 5,000-30,000 followers, and tend to earn more engagement, as their audiences are very concentrated (location and interest). You can also negotiate a more competitive rate.

Ensuring Impact

If you’re marketing a new product that’s exclusively available in Toronto, be sure that 80+% of the influencer’s audience lives in Toronto.

Larger the follower count, the more spread out across various locations the audience will be. Now, if you’re engaging musicians within North America and have thousands to spend, then contacting a guitarist with 150,000+ followers can make sense.   


Once you have identified the ideal follower count, start researching potential partners that align with your brand tone and message. Don’t be tempted to automatically engage with influencers because they have 200,000 followers. Look at posting consistency, style of photography and video, number of comments on each post, and use of hashtags. 

Once a shortlist of potential collaborators has been created, start the conversation via email or direct message. Let them know specifically what you like about their work, and that there is an opportunity to partner.

Ask what other types of partnerships they’ve done and what the results were. If they have yet to partner with a brand, that’s okay, as you should also ask for their organic reach and audience demographics.     

It’s not enough to ask influencers to just take photos/videos of your product and post it to their audience. Your objective might be product awareness, and so first set objectives paired with audience insights and a target ROI.

It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

Arrange time for a call or an in-person and review the objective and direction before anything has been created. Build a friendship and offer them autonomy to operate. Still, you should receive and approve all content before it’s posted, because it needs to be aligned with your tone.